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Solops is the creation of founder and Chairman, Matthew Rosenblum. Solops develops and implements complex finance and business structures for its' clients in order to fund solar installations nationwide. Solops also provides comprehensive asset management which includes investment strategies for the management of all SRECS and other environmental incentives.

Solops works with its' clients to customize and implement a funding strategy to utilize the development of solar installations to enhance the value of the client's portfolio by improving cash flow, preserving certain internal hurdle rates of return, or adding value to existing static real estate assets.

Solops has established relationships and strategic partnerships with industry leading solar integration companies and brokerage houses, private equity funds, hedge funds, large investment banks, and regional lending institutions which collectively enhances Solops's ability to provide flexible creative funding solutions.

With over 180MW of projects currently in development, Solops is uniquely positioned to offer projects or combinations of projects to specifically suit the investment needs, risk tolerance and objectives of each of its clients.


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